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3 Benefits of a Used Vehicle in White River Junction VT

Benefits of Buying Used Vehicles in White River Junction VT

If you’re an individual that’s looking to purchase a vehicle in the White River Junction VT area, we recommend checking out our great used vehicle inventory! Used vehicles offer amazing benefits for any driver to enjoy, so much so that we’ve decided to highlight several of them. Continue reading to see three great benefits of buying a used vehicle!

1. Saves You Money When Buying

An obvious benefit to buying a used vehicle is that it’s cheaper when you buy compared to new, about 50% less than that of a new vehicle. That means that you’ll be able to pay it off faster, assuming you financed the vehicle. This is a great benefit as money saved upfront is not necessarily as beneficial as money saved over time.

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2. Your Vehicle has Already Depreciated

A benefit that can’t be stated enough is that a used vehicle will not suffer as much depreciation, if any, compared to a new vehicle. New vehicles lose as much as 10 percent of their value as soon as they leave the lot after a sale and as much as 20 percent more over the course of the first year. That means that within the first year you’ll find yourself down as much as 30 percent of your new vehicle’s value!

It’s especially bad if you put it in terms of financing. A $30,000 loan is now being paid on a vehicle that’s worth only around $20,000! Used vehicles largely avoid this massive depreciation.

3. More Warranty Options

A third benefit you can enjoy from a used vehicle is a much greater variety in terms of warranties. You can have access to an extended manufacturer’s warranty from the automaker, assuming the vehicle qualifies, as well as the original warranty if the vehicle isn’t too old. Additionally, sometimes a dealership will offer its own coverage. These warranties can save you a ton of money in the long term!

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