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3 Tips to Keep Your Vehicle Running Longer

Keep Your Vehicle Running Longer with 3 Great Tips

If you’re someone in the White River Junction, VT area looking to keep your vehicle running longer and running better, we’ve got amazing tips to help you! These tips are designed to help with keeping your vehicle running. And while we can’t guarantee forever, we can help keep it running more than long enough to save some serious money! Continue reading to see what five tips we have to offer you!

1. Avoid Pushing Your Acceleration too Hard

This tip might be hard to hear for some, but just because your vehicle can go from 0-60 in a short period of time, doesn’t mean that it should. Pushing your vehicle too hard adds strain and wear to it, especially its engine, and as such should be avoided unless necessary. Slowly increasing in speed at a gentle pace is key to getting the best possible driving experience.

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2. Change Oil and Fluids Regularly

Another key tip is that you don’t ignore your vehicles oil or other fluids of importance, as this is almost a guaranteed disaster that can lead to a blown engine. This is, obviously, a super expensive item to replace. Generally, the oil should be changed every 3000 miles, but you should check your manufacturer’s manual to make sure you follow their procedure.

3. Don’t Store or Carry Heavy Objects

A third and final tip we have is that you don’t store or carry heavy objects in your vehicle for too long, as it can add strain to your vehicle. This strain applies to your vehicle’s tires, wearing them out faster. You can store items for a brief time, of course, but we recommend you don’t store them for too long.

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