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Amazing College Rebates on new Vehicles for Upcoming Graduates!

College Rebates on New Vehicles at White River Toyota

College graduation is right around the corner and why don’t you celebrate it by getting a new Toyota vehicle? White River Toyota is offering, like many Toyota dealerships, to turn your hard-earned degree into a rebate that can’t be beaten! Continue reading below to learn what this great rebate will offer you!

Savings that are Guaranteed to Please

This rebate allows you to save money right out the gate, letting you enjoy up to $500 off on all new unlicensed Toyota models when you go through a Toyota dealer as well as using Toyota Financial Services. This rebate also includes no payments for up to 90 days on select financial programs!

$500 might not seem like a lot compared to the price of a new vehicle, but if you’re on the market, and earned your degree, any amount helps!

2018 Toyota Prius driving on the road.

2018 Toyota RAV4 driving down the road.

How to Qualify

To qualify for this rebate, it’s quite simple! You just need to have proof of college graduation in the past two calendar years or have proof that you will graduate within the next six months. Additionally, proof of current employment or income can also be a great benefit.

These qualifications can be demonstrated with a copy of your diploma, a letter from the college or university with the date of graduation, or a copy of the final transcript confirming graduation.

Examples of Vehicles Applied to

This college rebate can apply to a variety of Toyota vehicles, including all Toyota Prius models, the Toyota RAV4, and the Toyota Corolla. There are of course many other vehicles that this rebate can apply to, but these two are some examples.

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To learn more about this great rebate and if you qualify, or what vehicles in our inventory you can apply it to, contact us at White River Toyota today!