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What is the Toyota Tacoma ECT PWR Button and How Will it Improve Your Drive?

Benefits of the Toyota Tacoma ECT PWR Button

Redesigned and reinvigorated, the 2016 Toyota Tacoma will benefit drivers with a long list of innovative features. A new electronically controlled transmission is a primary asset for the best-selling midsize pickup truck and it comes with its own perks. Equipped with an ECT PWR feature, the refined transmission can provide quick bursts of power in specific situations. Take a closer look at the benefits of the Toyota Tacoma ECT PWR button and how it works with this brief overview.

What is the Toyota Tacoma ECT PWR Button?

ECT is an acronym for Electronically Controlled Transmission and the ECT PWR button is a function of the redesigned transmission. When pressed, the ECT PWR button will adjust shift points so you can reach higher RPM levels before shifting into the next gear. This innovative feature employs a system of hydraulics that operate clutches and bands within the transmission and are controlled by an electronic solenoid. When in operation, the ECT PWR feature will provide a greater degree of control over your speed and enhance control.

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2016 Toyota Tacoma Owners Manual ECT PWR Button DiagramWith this system in place, you will benefit from a short burst of power at the press of a button that will serve you well in certain driving situations. Located just beneath the Toyota Entune interface, the ECT PWR feature is within easy reach when you are behind the wheel. When activated, an ECT PWR dashboard indicator light comes on to alert you. Simply press the ECT button a second time to cancel the operation and exit power mode.

When Should You Use the Toyota Tacoma ECT PWR Button?

Even when you are armed with a greater understanding of how the Toyota Tacoma ECT PWR button works, you may still wonder when you should use this convenient feature. Best used when you need an extra burst of power while towing, the ECT PWR button functions much like the 2016 Toyota Tundra Tow/Haul Mode. A few more driving situations where the ECT PWR will come in handy include merging with freeway traffic, passing vehicles on the highway or climbing steep grades. It is important to note that extended use of power mode will result in lower fuel-economy ratings.

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When you get behind the wheel of a new Toyota Tacoma, it is important to know the ins and outs of how your new pickup truck operates. We hope that this overview of the benefits of the Toyota Tacoma ECT PWR button will help you enjoy your new Toyota pickup just a little more. Stop in today to explore the White River Toyota inventory and experience the power and performance of the 2016 Toyota Tacoma first hand when you slide into the driver’s seat for a test drive.