What new gadgets can I add to my car?

Can I add an infotainment system to my car?

The level of technology available as standard equipment in most modern cars looks like the stuff of science fiction. Automakers, like Toyota, have sunk major research and development funds into its cars, trucks and SUVs to make them as technologically-advanced as possible. Sure, things like GPS navigation and the ability to find points-of-interest for drivers are pretty standard these days. But what about people that are hanging on to an older model or are considering buying something from the pre-owned inventory available at White River Toyota? These customers need not be left behind the curve in the automotive technology revolution. There are all kinds of ways to add an infotainment system to a car. We’ve identified some of our favorites.

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Aftermarket heads-up displays


Just about every study that has ever been done about distracted driving comes to one common conclusion, drivers taking their eyes off of the road is the root cause of most accidents. The Navdy heads-up display system allows drivers to get all of the most important information they need right in front of them.

Why it’s great: Navdy uses a small unit that sits on the dashboard in front of the driver and can display navigation, phone calls and a whole host of other information. The driver never has to take his or her eyes off of the road and can control almost everything with intuitive voice commands.

Apps for avoiding traffic

Believe it or not, the most powerful piece of infotainment equipment is your smartphone. Several companies have developed applications that will help you stay ahead of traffic jams, construction delays or other impediments to your destination.

(Available for Android/iOs)

The great thing about Waze is that it uses all of its users to get a clear traffic picture. Before you leave, you can check the app and see what other people who are ahead of you are seeing. Once the app has collected all of its information, it can help you find a new route that will get you to where you’re going as quickly as possible.

Google Maps

Is there anything Google can’t do? When it comes to navigation, apparently not. What makes Google Maps so effective at providing accurate navigation and traffic information is the sheer volume of information it is able to collect. It can provide on-the-fly updates to changing conditions and will continuously offer alternative routes as needed.

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