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Toyota uBox Concept Breaks New Ground in the Automotive Industry

Design and Specs of the Toyota uBox Concept

A collaboration between Toyota engineers and graduate students at the Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research, the Toyota uBox Concept may give next-generation drivers a glimpse into the future. Designed to cater to Generation Z drivers on the go, the Toyota uBox will be in a class all its own with a versatile platform.

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While Toyota models like the refreshed 2017 Toyota Highlander will remain mainstays of the brand, the Toyota uBox will lead Toyota into the automotive future. When you explore the design and specs of the Toyota uBox Concept, it is easy to see how this innovative new concept will cater to a variety of needs and lifestyles.

Design and Development Process of the Toyota uBox Concept

What began as an in-depth, hands-on dive into the automotive design, development and manufacturing process has quickly led to a ground-breaking design. The collaboration between Toyota engineers and Clemson University graduate students that led to the development of the Toyota uBox puts focus on the next-generation of vehicles. Geared towards young, on-the-go entrepreneurs and adventurers, the Toyota uBox will serve admirably as a mobile office space, recreational vehicle or everyday vehicle.

Toyota uBox Interior Office Space Configuration-Toyota of Greensburg-Greensburg PA
Teal Toyota uBox Concept Front Grille Design-Toyota of Greensburg-Greensburg PA
Toyota uBox Concept Cargo Space and Removable Seats-Toyota of Greensburg-Greensburg PA

Highlight Features and Specs of the Toyota uBox Concept

Versatility is the core principle of the Toyota uBox Concept and designers delivered on all counts. Serving as a mobile office for next-generation drivers focused on their business, or a family-friendly recreational vehicle for on-the-go families, the Toyota uBox is designed to do it all. Take a closer look at a few highlight features and specs of the Toyota uBox design.

  • With a distinct design platform that provides a bold, muscular stance, the Toyota uBox caters to next-generation drivers who want to stand out from the automotive crowd in a vehicle that is truly one of a kind.
  • A versatile interior is a highlight of the Toyota uBox Concept, which possesses a low load floor, nearly limitless seating configurations and removable, nesting seats built on sliding tracks. These elements allow you to easily configure the Toyota uBox interior to fit your lifestyle.
  • Next-generation drivers who desire a personal touch will find that various interior elements can be personalized to fit their style. Vents, door trim and dashboard display accents can be designed and produced using a 3D printer, allowing for an online community where design ideas can be shared and replicated.
  • Featuring an all-electric, dual-purpose powertrain, the Toyota uBox is capable of an energetic drive in addition to serving as an emission-free power source. With 110-volt power outlets built into the design, the Toyota uBox can power various consumer electronics and power tools for business owners on the go.
  • A highlight of the futuristic Toyota uBox Concept design is the panoramic curved glass roof. Supported by space-age composite carbon fiber rails and aluminum supports, the glass roof is a breakthrough in automotive design.

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Each year automakers refresh old favorites with new innovations while planning for the future. With the unveiling of the design and specs of the Toyota uBox Concept, we get an inside look at what the automotive industry may hold for us in the future. While flagship sedans like the 2017 Toyota Corolla will always be fan favorites and will continue to be best sellers, there is still room for innovation in the Toyota model lineup. Stay tuned into the White River Toyota Blog for more information on Toyota concepts.