2020 Toyota Camry driving on ice and snow

Essential Tools for Off-Roading with Your Vehicle!

What Essentials Do You Need For Off-Road Adventures?

If you’re considering taking your vehicle for an off-roading adventure and are concerned about what you should take with you, don’t worry! We’re here to help! We’ve got a small list of essentials that all outdoor enthusiasts should consider taking with them while tackling the trail and adventure! Continue reading below in order to learn more!

Consider Getting Recovery Boards

These are useful items that can double as shovels in a pinch and help to get your vehicle our of tough spots when its stuck. You place them under tires, or excavate your wheels using them as shovels, and then utilize them for additional traction in slippery environments. They work just as well in snow, so they’re perfect for more than mud!

2020 Toyota 4Runner parked at a camp site
2020 Toyota RAV4 driving on the road

A Tire Repair Kit

Your tires are the most important part of your vehicle, and they take the most damage typically. That’s why you should always carry a complete tire repair kit in your vehicle, even if you’re not an off-road adventurer. You should take time to learn how to use it – easy to do with YouTube and similar – and keep it in your trunk at all times.

Portable Air Compressor

If you need extra traction while off-roading, you can simply drop the air pressure of your tires temporarily. We don’t recommend you do it for longer than necessary, as rocks can cause damage to flatter tires far easier. Just lowering it for a moment, getting unstuck, and then pumping back up with a portable air compressor is a great strategy.

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These are just a few accessories that we recommend you obtain in order to have the best off-roading experience. There are a ton of other things that you can bring with you, far more than we can cover in a single shortlist. To learn more about them, or to check out Toyota accessories, contact our dealership today!