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Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System Delivers Elite Off-Road Performance for Toyota Models

How Does the Toyota Dynamic Suspension System Work?

What makes a truck or SUV an elite off-road performer? Doubtless there are countless off-road features that contribute to premier capability where the blacktop ends, but one thing is certain — a dynamic suspension is a must-have for true off-road adventurers. A weapon in the Toyota arsenal that combines elite off-road performance with smooth on-road driving dynamics is the Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS).

Available as a standard feature for the luxurious and rugged 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser and a valuable element for the extremely capable 2016 Toyota 4Runner Trail trim, the Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System is a thrill. Take a closer look at off-road performance as we answer the question — how does the Toyota Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System work?

What is the Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System?

Finding the perfect SUV often involves discovering a combination of smooth driving dynamics on pavement and the capability to withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at you on the trail. This is where the Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System becomes a valuable asset for true off-road aficionados. A majority of SUVs employ stabilizer bars or anti-sway bars to prevent excess body lean when cornering at speed, preventing a roll over. While this sharpens handling on the highway or city streets, it limits wheel articulation when you go off-road, detracting from you mud-slinging adventures. Many off-road extremists even go to the extreme of disconnecting stabilizer bars before hitting the trail.

When equipped with the Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System, Toyota models provide the best of both worlds on the road and the trail. Employing hydraulics to automatically adjust stabilizer bars and lean resistance, the Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System will limit body lean when you are on the highway. When you are maneuvering at slower speeds on the trail, the suspension will soften to allow for greater wheel articulation and more freedom on extreme terrain. At standard driving speeds, KDSS allows anti-sway bars to work as normal, reducing body lean by as much as 50 percent and keeping you safe. This system runs on hydraulics without the use of complex electronics, so you know that it can withstand the beatings it will sustain on the trail.

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Greater understanding of what Toyota models are truly capable of will help you make a more informed car-buying decision in the end. By answering questions like — how does the Toyota Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System work — you know what you are getting yourself into when you slide into the driver’s seat of the 2016 Toyota 4Runner. One thing that is certain, however, with the Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System at your disposal, there is no trail you can’t conquer. Contact the White River Toyota sales team for more information on the features and capabilities of your favorite Toyota models.