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How Far Can You Drive Your Toyota On Empty?

Nearly everyone who has been behind the wheel of a car for any extended period of time has felt the anxiety that comes with the low fuel dashboard warning light coming on or the needle dropping to E. Just the thought of being stranded in the middle nowhere with no fuel is enough to make some people break into a cold sweat and when you add the embarrassment of having to call a friend or family member for help, it is just a double-decker stress sandwich. While most Toyota models are extremely fuel efficient, that does not mean they are impervious to running out of fuel and even though logic tells you that you have a reserve, it can be a troubling situation and it can be valuable to know — how far can you drive your Toyota on empty.

How Far Can You Drive Your Toyota On Empty? at White River Toyota-White River Junction VT-Berlin VT-Hanover-Vermont-New Hampshire-Toyota Corolla-Toyota Camry-New Toyota-Fuel EfficiencyThere are many assets out there that offer different estimates on how far your Toyota Corolla can drive with the low fuel light on, but Tank on Empty is the go-to site for this information. Tank on Empty, is an intuitive site that gathers crowd-sourced information to provide you with fuel estimates for different vehicles. In this study, the Toyota Corolla traveled an average 46.31 miles after the low fuel light came on, while the larger, more powerful Toyota Camry will get you an extra 43.39 miles down the road.

While these numbers aren’t gospel, they can give you a valuable estimate on how much farther you can go until you run out of gas. Keep in mind, however, that there are several factors that can affect these numbers both negatively and positively, including your own driving habits and your vehicle’s mechanical condition. With a vehicle in optimum condition, your new Toyota will achieve maximum efficiency and save you some money at the pump. It is also important to note that driving your Toyota on empty can damage your engine due to dirt build up and lack of lubrication in the fuel pump.

If you would like to determine how far you can drive your Toyota on empty, there are a couple ways you can figure it out with some basic math. Many automotive sources will tell you that when the low fuel light flickers on, you have 10-15 percent of your total fuel capacity remaining. In a Toyota Corolla’s 13.2-gallon tank, 10 percent is approximately 1.3 gallons. When you consider a standard CVT-equipped Corolla’s 32 mpg combined fuel economy rating, the math comes out to 41.6 miles of travel distance after you hit E. Another way to help determine how much fuel you have left is to drive until you hit empty and fill up immediately, subtracting whatever you put in at the pump from 13.2.

Now that you have an idea of how far you can drive your Toyota on empty, you can rest a little easier when that low fuel warning light comes on and you just passed the last gas station for a few miles. For more information about Toyota models and some nifty automotive tips and tricks visit the White River Toyota Blog.