How far will a Toyota vehicle go with no gas?

Don’t get caught on the side of the road without gas

How far will a Toyota go on empty?

There are few more helpless feelings in the world than being stuck on the side of the road because the car ran out of gas. A number of factors could be at fault, but we’re not here to call anyone out. Thankfully, most Toyota cars, trucks and crossover SUVs built in the last several years will come with a warning light to let drivers know they are low on gas. Unfortunately, that is more than somewhat ambiguous itself. How far will a Toyota travel on empty? How much farther can I drive with the low fuel light turned on? These are all very good questions. Our sales team did some research and chose the six most popular new models in the White River Toyota showroom to help everyone get some answers.

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Why it’s bad to let your gas tank get totally dry

Setting aside the most immediate problems with running out of gas, there are a couple that might not occur to people. A vehicle’s gas tank is generally located in the back half and uses an electric pump to move it forward to the engine. Like any pump, having it suck in air is bad news. The heat created by fuel pumps is actually dissipated by the colder fuel running through it. Regularly allowing a fuel tank to run dry may cause the fuel pump to fail, which has the potential to be very expensive to repair.

Average distance my Toyota will go with the fuel light on

How far will a Toyota Camry go on empty?

Toyota Camry
City/Hwy: 29/39
Average Distance: 43.30 miles
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How far will a Toyota Corolla go on empty?

Toyota Corolla
City/Hwy: 28/36
Average Distance: 45.10 miles
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How far will a Toyota RAV4 go on empty

Toyota RAV4
City/Hwy: 22/29
Average Distance: 35.69 miles
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How Far will a Toyota Tacoma go on empty

Toyota Tacoma
City/Hwy: 19/21
Average Distance: 39.01 miles
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How far will a Toyota Tundra go on empty

Toyota Tundra
City/Hwy: 14/18
Average Distance: 45.06 miles
Toyota Tundra information

How far will a Toyota Highlander go on empty

Toyota Highlander
City/Hwy: 20/27
Average Distance: 40.12 miles
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These figures were taken from crowd sourcing website, Owners of various vehicles submit their information and the website compiles a statistical snapshot of the results. How far your Toyota vehicle can go when the gauge says empty can vary depending on the overall health of your vehicle as well as the topography of the roads you’re using.

If you need something a little more fuel-efficient, make an appointment with a White River Toyota sales professional today and see what is available in our showroom.