Red 2016 Toyota Prius Four Touring Exterior

Toyota Reaches 9 Million Hybrid Models Sold Worldwide

How Many Hybrid Models Has Toyota Sold?

Evidence shows that Toyota is the industry leader in hybrid technology, though car shoppers interested in the benefits and advantages of Toyota hybrid models still raise some questions. Many car shoppers want to know — how many hybrid models has Toyota sold? Recent headlines may be all the answer you need, showing that Toyota has reached the milestone of 9 million hybrid models sold. To drivers familiar with the efficient and athletic performance of iconic editions like the next-generation 2016 Toyota Prius, this monumental number comes as no surprise.

Environmental Advantages of Toyota Hybrid Models

Hybrid editions like the adventurous 2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid improve power and fuel economy, providing drivers with distinct advantages over standard gas-powered models. These advantages translate to the environment as well, where an expanded Toyota hybrid model lineup and best-in-class hybrid technology will reduce harmful carbon emissions and reduce the impact on global fuel reserves.

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As of last year, Toyota has presented itself with a challenge that will benefit both drivers and the environment in the future. The Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050 challenges the environmentally-friendly brand to sell 15 million hybrid models by 2020 and sell 1.5 million hybrids annually in an effort to reduce the negative impact of automobiles on the environment. Toyota plans to accomplish these goals by expanding the hybrid model lineup and encouraging the mass-market adoption of hybrid models.

2017 Toyota Prius Prime Plug-In Hybrid Front Exterior
Blue 2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Limited on the Highway

With 33 hybrid passenger models and a plug-in hybrid edition available in 90 countries and regions across the globe, Toyota has more than established this technology worldwide. As a result, Toyota hybrids have produced 67 million fewer tons of harmful CO2 emissions than a similar number of standard gas-powered vehicles. Efficient performance is another advantage of choosing a Toyota hybrid and it translates to the environment as well, with 25 million fewer kiloliters of gasoline consumed.

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When car shoppers ask — how many hybrid models has Toyota sold — they are often astonished by the answer. When you delve deeper into the environmental benefits and advantages of Toyota hybrid models like the 2016 Toyota Prius c as well as the advantages they have to offer you, it is no surprise that Toyota is the industry leader in hybrid automotive technology. Get behind the wheel of your own Toyota hybrid after you explore the White River Toyota inventory and find a hybrid edition that fits your needs and lifestyle.