How much is the 2018 Toyota Yaris Hatchback?

How much is the 2018 Toyota Yaris Hatchback?

The new 2018 Toyota Yaris hatchback model is almost here! While we certainly have been enjoying the 2017 model year quite a bit, we can’t help but be excited about the future. Luckily, we recently learned about one of the most important aspects of upcoming models — their price. Take a look below if you’re curious about how much the 2018 Toyota Yaris costs.

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What is the MSRP for the 2018 Toyota Yaris HatchbackWhat is the MSRP for the 2018 Toyota Yaris Hatchback

If you want a low-cost, high-value car, then the 2018 Toyota Yaris is an excellent choice. Not only is the Yaris the lowest-priced Toyota model available, it has much more to offer, such as an impressive fuel economy and an array of features.

The cost or MSRP for the 2018 Toyota Yaris varies depending on what model you’re looking at. Every Yaris is a hatchback (if you want a sedan you’ll have to look to the Yaris iA) but it can still be picked up as either a three-door or a five-door model. The base 2018 Yaris is set to start at $15,635. Adding an automatic transmission to the three-door Yaris L brings it up to $16,385. The final three-door option, the Yaris LE, will start at $17,285.

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If you’re looking at the five-door Yaris, then the 2018 model will start at $16,760 for the Yaris L and the Yaris LE starts at $17,660. From there, the Yaris SE can be picked up as a manual or automatic, which is priced at $18,260 and $19,060, respectively.

When will the 2018 Toyota Yaris be available?

The 2018 Toyota Yaris has us impressed and, hopefully, it has impressed you as well! If you are interested in pre-ordering the new Toyota Yaris or just want to learn more about the process, reach out to us at White River Toyota and we’ll see what we can do to help!