Are You Tired of Slipping and Sliding in the Snow This Winter?

How Will Your Toyota Camry Handle in Snow?

This time of year when the winter is in full swing, driving on the snow and ice becomes a real concern and it is important to know your options. When faced with inclement weather many people will tell you that all-wheel drive is the way to go and a model like the 2016 Toyota RAV4 will serve you best. With that being said, the Toyota Camry is America‚Äôs best-selling passenger car and it is important for drivers of the popular Toyota midsize sedan to know — how will your Toyota Camry handle in snow. Take a look at what some studies have shown when it comes to winter driving and the difference between all-wheel drive and snow tires.

All-Wheel Drive vs Snow Tires

For a majority of car buyers the decision comes down to all-wheel drive vs snow tires. All-wheel drive is a tremendous asset when it comes to driving on slippery surfaces and will perform better than most other options. Research has shown that if you are driving the 2016 Toyota Camry in snow, winter tires are the way to go and they may make driving in the winter safer overall. Consumer Reports studies have shown that winter tires may make a bigger difference when driving in the winter when compared to all-wheel drive.

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Tips to Winterize Your ToyotaAll-wheel drive is designed to get you moving from a complete stop and is an asset in winter weather on slippery surfaces. When it comes to confident handling and steering in the snow, however, the deeper and specially-designed winter tread will help keep you from skidding and sliding around the roads this winter. Winter tires will also help you come to a safe and complete stop in the snow whether you have all-wheel drive, four-wheel drive or two-wheel drive.

In testing, all-season tires compared to winter tires showed a significant difference in stopping distance that was in favor of winter tires. When compared to an all-wheel drive crossover with winter tires, a Toyota Camry equipped with snow tires showed exceptional handling and stopping capabilities. Both options came to a stop from 60 mph in roughly 300 feet, illustrating the value of snow tires on your Toyota Camry.

If you are faced with rough winter weather and have to drive in the snow, investing in a set of snow tires will make a big difference when it comes to safety. To equip your Toyota with snow tires this winter, stop in and see us at the White River Toyota Service Department and we will help you out. How your Toyota Camry will handle in the winter is important to your safety and having snow tires may make a big difference this winter.