Is the 2016 Toyota Tacoma more powerful than the 2016 Chevy Colorado

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Is the 2016 Toyota Tacoma more powerful than the 2016 Chevy Colorado

We love comparisons here at White River Toyota because they are a way to show how outstanding our vehicles are. Toyota vehicles are some of the most efficient, most affordable, most well-equipped vehicles on the roads, but what many drivers don’t know is that Toyota vehicles are also extremely powerful. In fact, one of the reasons we wanted to write about their power is because we have gotten the question, is the 2016 Toyota Tacoma more powerful than the 2016 Chevy Colorado, quite a bit, especially in light of the current auto show season.

While power and efficiency ratings have not yet been released for the 2016 Toyota Tacoma, we do know it will feature a new 3.57L V6 engine with direct injection, whereas the 2016 Chevy Colorado probably won’t see too many changes as it was just introduced in 2014 and will come standard with a 2.5L engine.

We are so excited for the 2016 Toyota Tacoma to hit the dealership showrooms because we can’t wait to get behind the wheels ourselves! The 2016 Toyota Tacoma was refined for the new model year to be smarter, more efficient and more powerful than ever before.

Another way the 2016 Tacoma stands out from the competition is its dedication to adventure and spontaneity. You never have to worry about traveling off the beaten path with the 2016 Toyota Tacoma because it was designed to be the vehicle you take when you don’t like limits. The all-new Tacoma will come with an available multi-terrain handling system so drivers can automatically set their vehicle to travel certain pre-set terrain types such as sand, rock and ice, or drivers can set it on automatic and the vehicle will adjust accordingly.

The 2016 Tacoma also comes standard with a GoPro camera mount, which just goes to show how much this vehicle is meant for adventure.

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