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Which Toyota Models Offer Toyota Safety Sense and How Does it Work?

Learn More About Toyota Safety Sense

Here at White River Toyota, we want you to stay safe on the roads and the Toyota designers and engineers share our concern. With your safety as a focus, Toyota engineers have outfitted several new 2016 Toyota models with the Toyota Safety Sense system and features. These innovative elements will work together to keep you, your family, other drivers and even pedestrians safe in your day-to-day travels. Take a few minutes to learn more about Toyota Safety Sense and how it works to improve your safety when you get behind the wheel of the 2016 Toyota RAV4.

Which Toyota Models Offer Toyota Safety Sense?

Toyota Safety Sense is available for seven new Toyota editions and is made up of five innovative collision-prevention systems that work together to keep you safe. For drivers looking for a versatile performer with premier safety, the all-new 2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid and the Toyota RAV4 models are built for safety. Luxury blends perfectly with safety when you slide into the driver’s seat of the 2016 Toyota Avalon, Avalon Hybrid and the off-road-ready Toyota Land Cruiser. If you are looking for efficiency AND safety, the completely redesigned 2016 Toyota Prius and compact Toyota Prius c will deliver with the help of Toyota Safety Sense.

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How Does Toyota Safety Sense Work?

As we mentioned earlier, Toyota Safety Sense is made up of five innovative systems designed to ensure your safety. These systems often employ radar systems and specialized cameras to detect potentially dangerous situations and warn you. Take a look at how each system works.

Pre-Collision System – Forward-facing radar and camera systems have the ability to scan the road ahead and detect imminent collisions. The system then emits audible and visual warnings and will brake automatically if you do not apply the brakes yourself.

Lane Departure Alert – This feature is designed to help you stay in your lane and employs a specialized camera that tracks the painted road markings. When the system detects a drift in your driving pattern it will send you a warning.

Auto High Beams – Who doesn’t hate being blinded by high beams? Avoid being the cause of this unsafe situation with Auto High Beams, which employ a camera to detect oncoming traffic and will automatically switch from high beams to low beams.

Pedestrian Detection – A valuable asset in crowded urban areas, Pedestrian Detection uses millimeter-wave radar and a camera to detect pedestrian shapes in your path. It will then send you audio and visual warnings and automatically brake for you when necessary.

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control – This innovative safety system features forward-sensing radar and a camera to monitor your speed and the distance from the vehicle in front of you. Dynamic Radar Cruise Control will then adjust your speed to maintain a safe distance and has the ability to keep a preset following distance.

If safety is your priority, the Toyota Safety Sense system is an incredible asset and by learning more about Toyota Safety Sense, you can make an informed car-buying decision here at White River Toyota. For more information on the safest models in the White River Toyota inventory, be sure to contact the White River Toyota sales team with any questions you may have.