A heavily silhouetted photo of a new Toyota concept SUV debuting at the LA Auto Show

New Toyota concept vehicle could be the stuff of your dreams

New Toyota SUV concept vehicle presentation

Like the annual SEMA trade show that the White River Toyota Blog briefly discussed at the beginning of November, another major event in just a couple of weeks away. The Los Angeles Auto Show starts on Nov. 30 and Toyota will definitely be making headlines throughout the automotive industry. At this point, details are about non-existent for what the premiere of the Future Toyota Adventure Concept (FT-AC) will have to offer. The automaker has only told us that the new concept vehicle will be shown off on Nov. 30 at 9 a.m. in Los Angeles. However, we have a few hypotheses about what we will be seeing.

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Is the FT-AC the new 4Runner?

For quite some time, rumors have been flying around that Toyota will finally be redesigning the vaunted Toyota 4Runner. The off-road-focused, highly capable SUV is one of the last remaining body-on-frame platforms left in the current automotive industry. This is the main secret behind the model’s ability to take its owners and their passengers just about anywhere they want to go.

From what the silhouetted photo, the new FT-AC looks to have smooth lines and also offers extensive use of LEDs. Certainly, these would come in handy when driving through the forest at night. Additionally, the vehicle in the photo looks to have a fairly wide wheelbase, leading us to believe this is brand new chassis and not just an existing model with new exterior elements.

Will the new Toyota SUV concept offer a turbocharged engine?

If wishing only made it so. Almost across the board, Toyota vehicles rank among the top of each model’s respective class for fuel economy and overall performance. Adding a turbocharger has become a very popular way for automakers to use engines with lower displacement, meaning better fuel economy scores with the turbocharger helping it make more power. Opinions around the dealership are pretty evenly split on if Toyota will finally add turbocharging to its vehicles, but it’s definitely at the top of many of our Christmas wish lists.

What kind of technology will it have?

As for how the Future Toyota Adventure Concept will be equipped is anybody’s guess. It will almost certainly be set up with the company’s Entune 3.0 infotainment system. There is even a good chance that it will carry the newly introduced Wi-Fi hotspot that is already available in some 2018 models like the latest version of the Toyota Sienna.

We have provided a link you will be able to follow to watch the unveiling live as it happens from the Los Angeles Auto Show. If you are curious about what the 2018 Toyota class brings to the table, stop by the White River Toyota showroom.