2018 Toyota Prius Prime driving down the road.

What Safety Features are Available For 2018 Toyota Prius Prime?

When it comes to technology and safety, no vehicle quite does it like the 2018 Toyota Prius Prime! Offering all the features and benefits of a normal Toyota Prius, but with additional luxury and technologies to enjoy, the 2018 Toyota Prius Prime is perfect for those that want more! Continue reading to see what excellent safety features are available for you!

2018 Toyota Prius Prime Passive Safety Features

The core of every vehicles safety system starts with its amazing passive safety features, which build its excellent foundation! There are many excellent passive safety systems that make up this foundation for the 2018 Toyota Prius Prime, including the very body of the vehicle! The 2018 Toyota Prius Prime’s high-tensile steel body works to help absorb the kinetic energy of an impact, and disperse it, protecting the passengers!

Additionally, the 2018 Toyota Prius Prime also has an amazing advanced airbag system, which strategically places airbags around the vehicle’s interior, providing the best possible safety!

2018 Toyota Prius Prime steering wheel and dash.
2018 Toyota Prius Prime seat view.

2018 Toyota Prius Prime Active Safety Features

Building on its passive safety features, the 2018 Toyota Prius Prime also has many excellent active safety systems! A number of these systems are part of the excellent Toyota Star Safety Senseā„¢, a suite of many excellent safety features that help give you the best possible safety, no matter the terrain!

Some examples of features that are available in this safety suite are the excellent Enhanced Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and the Traction Control (TRAC) systems. These safety features work to give you the best control and traction no matter the terrain!

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So, if you’re looking for a vehicle that offers excellent safety and technology, as well as a stylish exterior, then look no further than the 2018 Toyota Prius Prime! For more information, or to take this vehicle for a test drive, contact us at White River Toyota today!