Tips for using Toyota Entune

How to use Toyota Entune

Tips for using Toyota Entune

Toyota has an elite infotainment system that is easy and fun to use, and it is also extremely innovative and high-tech. Most every Toyota model at least comes with the option to include Toyota Entune, if it does not come standard in the vehicle model. But let’s back up a second before we learn how to use Toyota Entune and we cover tips for using Toyota Entune, and let’s look at exactly what IS Toyota Entune?

Like we said, Toyota Entune is Toyota’s infotainment system that can do everything from place and answer phone calls to provide turn-by-turn navigation. It also recognizes voice commands, so you literally don’t even have to lift a finger to figure out where you’re going.

In addition, the Entune system can play music, read and respond to text messages and provide real-time traffic and weather updates.

There’s little this innovative system CAN’T do, including calling to have a pizza delivered to finding your way home again, which is why we love it so much.

In order to learn how to use Toyota Entune, we recommend following our basic tips for using Toyota Entune. The first step in learning how to use Toyota Entune is to make sure you have a smartphone that has Bluetooth connectivity. Entune uses your smartphone to work and it is crucial it has Bluetooth capabilities. Once you’ve made sure to turn your Bluetooth on your phone on, you need to initiate Bluetooth on your Entune system. To do this, simply select the setup button on the Entune home screen, press the button that says “Bluetooth,” and press “add,” to add your smartphone.

After you press add, go back to your smartphone and you should be able to select your “TOYOTA VEHICLE” in your Bluetooth settings. You may have to follow the directions to enter a PIN number prior to pairing, but the Entune system will walk you through how to do that, and if you need to.

After you select the Entune system on your smartphone, it should be paired and Entune will automatically attempt to connect audio and import contacts from your phone.

It’s that easy! If you have any questions are are having difficulty pairing your devices, feel free to stop by any time and we can get it figured out!