Toyota LQ Concept parked outside with lights on

Toyota Announces New Automated “LQ” Concept Vehicle!

Details and Information on Toyota “LQ” Concept Model

Recently Toyota announced its latest concept model – the Toyota “LQ.” This vehicle leverages advanced technologies to build a greater bond between driver and vehicle, letting you enjoy next-generation connectivity and consumer-friendly technologies as well as automated driving capability! Continue reading to learn more about this great concept and what Toyota is exploring!

New Powerful Artificial Intelligence

The LQ concept was first exhibited at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show with a heavy emphasis on its automated driving capability and its new “Yui” system. Yui is a powerful artificial intelligence-powered interactive agent that learns from the driver to deliver a more personalized driving experience while on the road. This system learns as you go, building and responding to driving styles and giving you a greater overall driving experience.

This feature was designed with assistance from the Toyota Research Institute (TRI) and has been in development for many years.

Toyota LQ Concept interior front

Toyota LQ Concept parked in white

Where to Experience it

The new Toyota LQ concept will be on display at the “Future Expo”, a special showcase of the 2019 Toyota Motor Show, from October 24th to November 4th. There will also be the “Toyota Yui Project Tours 2020,” a public test-drive of the new LQ concept that is scheduled to run mid-2020 from June to September. The public will be able to register for the chance to experience the new LQ and the Yui system during this period.

Simply fill out a smartphone application in advance to show your interests, preferences, and other information to see if you qualify for a test drive! Interested individuals can access more information on this vehicle and the Yui system by visiting its website at

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The new LQ concept promises to be an interesting addition to the modern Toyota lineup with its powerful Yui AI system. To learn more about the future of Toyota vehicles or to take a 2020 model for a test drive please contact our dealership today!