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Standard Toyota STAR Safety System Provides Award-Winning Safety Ratings

Toyota STAR Safety System Features

Constantly at the forefront of the automotive industry when it comes to safety, the Toyota brand has set high standards for competitors to emulate. Elite safety ratings start with the standard Toyota STAR Safety System, making even the most basic Toyota models some of the safest on the road. With this caliber of safety as the standard, Toyota has compiled a trophy case loaded with IIHS Top Safety Pick+ awards to illustrate the point. Break down the Toyota standard of safety with our overview of the Toyota STAR Safety System features.

What is the Toyota STAR Safety System?

Comprised of a suite of six individual safety features, the Toyota STAR Safety System is an element of ALL Toyota models from the subcompact 2016 Toyota Yaris to the luxurious 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser. Consisting of Traction Control, an Anti-Lock Brake System, Brake Assist, Smart Stop Technology, Electronic Brake-force Distribution and Vehicle Stability Control, this innovative arsenal will keep you and your family safe.

Traction Control – Working in conjunction with the ABS sensors, Traction Control will monitor wheel speed and traction. When wheel slippage is detected the system will reduce engine power and apply brakes to compensate and regain traction.

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Anti-Lock Brake System – Employing magnetic wheel-speed sensors, the standard Anti-Lock Brake System monitors all four wheels when you are driving. When the brakes are applied and you begin to lose traction, the system will take over and rapidly pulse the brakes to bring you to a safe stop.

Brake Assist – In the event that you need to stop rapidly, the Brake Assist safety feature will be enabled. When you brake suddenly, Brake Assist will apply additional brake pressure to bring you to a safe and complete stop.

Smart Stop Technology – In specific conditions when both the brake pedal and accelerator are depressed, Smart Stop Technology takes effect. By automatically reducing engine power in these situations, you can stop safely.

Electronic Brake-force Distribution – An element of the Anti-Lock Brake System, the Electronic Brake-force Distribution safety feature will counter shifting weight when you brake quickly. When you brake hard and weight shifts, this system kicks into gear and reduces brake pressure on wheels carrying the least weight, helping you maintain control.

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Vehicle Stability Control – Reading data from steering sensors and the ABS wheel-speed sensors, this safety feature will reduce engine power and apply the brakes to the wheels that need it. By reducing engine power and pulsing brakes on the left or right side of the vehicle, this system will help you maintain traction and control.

Award-winning safety is a primary goal of the Toyota brand and the standard Toyota STAR Safety System features are the foundation. An integral element throughout the Toyota model lineup, these systems will keep you and your family safe. For more information on Toyota safety, feel free to contact the White River Toyota sales team directly.