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Why Did the U.S. Military Choose the Toyota Land Cruiser for Special Operations?

U.S. Military Refits Toyota Land Cruisers for Special Operations

When the best of the best in the United States military need to accomplish their mission, they rely on specialized equipment that will withstand the stress and punishment of combat. Built on a foundation of quality, durability and reliability, the Toyota Land Cruiser is well suited for this particular mission. Recent news that the U.S. Military will refit Toyota Land Cruisers for special operations comes as no surprise to those who are familiar with the current 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser design.

Military Version of the Toyota Land Cruiser

Current Toyota Land Cruiser models are built on a high-strength steel ladder frame that is meant to withstand the pounding of the most extreme terrain on the planet. Under the hood, the Toyota Land Cruiser features a 381-horsepower 5.7-liter V-8 paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission that specializes in brute force. In the hands of United States Special Forces, the advanced Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System gives new meaning to — go anywhere, do anything. Add room for eight passengers and cavernous cargo space for gear and the current Toyota Land Cruiser will check all the boxes for Special Forces operators.

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In a five year contract with Battelle Memorial Institute, the United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM) will retrofit Toyota Land Cruiser SUVs, Toyota Hilux pickup trucks and Ford Ranger pickups to fit the needs of the U.S. Special Forces. Upgrades to these models will include — armor plating, heavy-duty suspension systems, run-flat tires, upgraded wheels, military-grade communications gear, infrared lighting systems and a “blackout mode” that will allow operators to go dark at the flip of a switch. When you pair these elements with the robust design of the Toyota Land Cruiser you have the perfect tool for special forces operators.

2016 Toyota Land Cruiser Wheels and Suspension
Green 1992 Toyota Land Cruiser on White Background

Another characteristic that makes the Toyota Land Cruiser and Toyota Hilux — a variant of the 2016 Toyota Tacoma — ideal for this mission is their popularity. Each of these editions are extremely popular across the globe because of the durability, reliability and capabilities that they possess. As a result, special operations groups that employ retrofitted Toyota Land Cruiser and Toyota Hilux models will have the ability to blend in with the crowd and not call attention to themselves. A majority of the editions that will be refitted for use by the United States Special Operation Command are Toyota Land Cruiser 76 and Toyota Land Cruiser 79 models

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Quality, durability and reliability are key elements in military operations and few models will fit the bill like the Toyota Land Cruiser. News that the U.S. Military will refit Toyota Land Cruisers for special operations comes as no shock to those who are familiar with the durable, world-class Toyota SUV. Explore the White River Toyota inventory today to find a model that will fit your needs.