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What are Some of the Best Museums to Visit Near White River Junction, VT?

A List of Best Museums Around White River Junction, VT

We have some good news for all the museum lovers! With the ease of COVID-19 restrictions, museums in and around White River Junction, VT, are open again! Whether you enjoy watching art or want to learn about the past, there are a plethora of museums in Vermont where you can visit.

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Many drivers at our dealership, White River Toyota are interested in visiting some of the finest museums near White River Junction, VT. To help them with their search, our team has a list of the best museums around White River Junction, VT.

Best 5 Museums near White River Junction, VT

The Main Street Museum

It is a tiny museum in the Upper Valley of Connecticut River. This museum displays historical labels and artifacts along with today’s art and music.

Montshire Museum of Science

This is a nationally recognized museum in Norwich, VT. A lot of exhibits on nature, astronomy, physical sciences, and technology are held here. The museum is open every day of the week from 10 AM to 5 PM, but it will be closed on Tuesdays from September onwards.

Vermont Toy Museum

This museum is located in Quechee, VT, and is often loved by kids as well as adults. The display of toys in this museum brings back memories for everyone.

Enfield Shaker Museum

The Enfield Shaker Museum is located between Mt. Assurance and Mascoma Lake in a valley. It displays the lifestyle of the Enfield Shaker community in the mid-19th century.

Hood Museum of Art

The Hood Museum of Art displays the important holdings of Native American, African, American, Melanesian, and European art. Currently, it is closed, but you can visit it after August 4th in Hanover, NH.

view of the inside of a toy museum

There are many other kinds of museums in Vermont, including car museums, bird museums, and many more. For all car lovers who are looking to buy a new or pre-owned vehicle, our dealership, White River Toyota has a wide range of options to choose from. You can check out our online inventory and choose the right vehicle for you and your family. Now that you have the list of best museums around White River Junction, VT, we look forward to hearing about your experience from you at our dealership!