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Toyota Regains World’s Largest Automaker Title

What is the Largest Automaker in the World?

Competition breeds excellence. A common saying that holds especially true in the automotive industry. Automakers are continually battling for the top spot in the industry with more and more innovative models and the most recent numbers for the year have shown that Toyota is at the head of the class. For many car shoppers and automotive enthusiasts who have asked — what is the largest automaker in the world — the answer may come as a surprise, but when you delve deeper into the Toyota model lineup it is easy to see why.

No stranger to the top spot of the world rankings, the Toyota brand has surpassed Volkswagen to reclaim its elite status. With more than 7.49 million vehicles delivered worldwide from January 2015 to September 2015 and countless best-selling models to its credit, Toyota is a household name in the automotive industry. By comparison, Volkswagen has delivered 7.43 million models in the same period and with the recent emissions scandal, it would seem that Toyota will retain the top spot.

Best-Selling Toyota Models at White River Toyota

As we mentioned above, an integral factor in Toyota regaining the title of World’s Largest Automaker has a lot to do with the high-quality models that the brand offers, many of them best sellers. At the head of the Toyota class, you will find the redesigned Toyota Camry as America’s best-selling passenger car and the 2016 Toyota Camry improves on that model even further with a new Toyota Camry Special Edition.

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If you are looking for America’s best-selling compact car, look no further than the 2016 Toyota Corolla right here at White River Toyota. Equipped with a long list of standard features, a spacious interior, efficient fuel economy ratings and an affordable price tag, the Toyota Corolla has sold more the 40 million worldwide since it was created.

For car shoppers who have ever wondered — what is the largest automaker in the world — the numbers speak for themselves. With more than 7.49 million models shipped in the first three quarters of the year, Toyota has earned its spot as the world’s largest automaker. Keep an eye on the official White River Toyota Blog for more information on the Toyota brand and the models it offers.