Toyota Improves Driver Safety with the Bird’s Eye View Monitor System

What is the Toyota Bird’s Eye View Monitor System?

Toyota models are at the forefront of the automotive industry and innovative new technology is a primary factor in that standing. From new hybrid engine technology under the hood of the 2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid to unparalleled off-road features incorporated into the 2016 Toyota Tacoma design, Toyota technology will enhance your driving experience. That technology carries over to the realm of safety as well with the new Toyota Bird’s Eye View Monitor system available in the 2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid. Delve deeper into this new safety technology and answer the question — what is the Toyota Bird’s Eye View Monitor system?

The Bird’s Eye View Monitor System takes rearview camera technology to the next level with four cameras placed strategically around your vehicle and creating a more detailed view of what is around you on the 7-inch touchscreen interface. Cameras are mounted on the front, rear and both side mirrors to provide a panoramic view of surroundings when you are parking or backing out of the driveway. With a more complete view of your surroundings, the Bird’s Eye View Monitor system improves your safety when you get behind the wheel of the new 2016 Toyota RAV4.

Bird’s Eye View Monitor Perimeter Scan Feature

A standard view with dynamic guidelines is the foundation of this system, but improves safety even further with an industry-first Perimeter Scan feature. This new feature adds two 360-degree 3D viewing modes for you to choose from, depending on your driving situation and preferences. Moving View provides a wide-area, rotating view of your new RAV4 Hybrid, showing you all of your surroundings when parking or backing up. See-Through View is a lower, ground-based view that shows you a view as if your vehicle were transparent, ideal for seeing the small toys your children left lying in the driveway. An additional Side View will show each side of your vehicle and help determine your proximity to objects around you.

If you have ever wondered — what is the Toyota Bird’s Eye View Monitor system — the short answer is an innovative new Toyota safety technology. Available in the new 2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid and its gas-powered sibling, the Bird’s Eye View Monitor system is sure to make backing out of your driveway or parallel parking safer and more convenient. For more information on new Toyota models and local events, check out the White River Toyota Blog where you will find any number of automotive tips and tricks.