Toyota to unveil new cargo van concept in Tokyo

What is the Toyota Tj Cruiser?

Toyota has never been a company to shy away from the spotlight afforded to them by an auto show. The Tokyo Motor Show kicks off later this month and the automaker’s centerpiece reveal is something a little outside the norm. In the United States when manufacturers like Toyota take the stage, they are showing off their next big hit with consumers. The upcoming Tj Cruiser is something outside of that mold and when it makes its world debut in Tokyo on Oct. 25, it could signal a new era for Toyota – and potentially the customers of White River Toyota. Let’s take a look.

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Is the Toyota Tj Cruiser coming to America?

Ardent fans of Toyota may recognize the Cruiser portion of the name from the now-defunct FJ Cruiser, a worthy off-road SUV that regularly challenged the class’ gold standard, the Jeep Wrangler. A few educated guesses can be made by looking at the unique shape the new Tj Cruiser has. From the preview photos that Toyota has released, the exterior is very angular and squared off.

The unique look of the Tj Cruiser serves an important purpose
Commonly damaged surfaces are covered with a coating to protect them

Ostensibly, the new Tj Cruiser looks to be a relatively futuristic take on a full-size or cargo van. In fact, the “Tj” portion of the new vehicle’s name stands for Toolbox (T) and joy (j).

There is more than a little evidence available to lend credence to the idea that the new Tj Cruiser is built for work or rugged outdoor activities. The interior is very customizable and adaptable to changing needs. Here is really where the boxy design of the new van comes into play. Designers have ensured that long items, often a challenged to haul, will fit comfortably inside of the Tj Cruiser. As an example, Toyota says surfboards, measuring 9-feet long can fit inside of it.

The interior is very adaptable to changing needs
lots of passengers and cargo can ride together in the Fj Cruiser

Furthermore, the hood, roof and fenders are made of a special material and covered with a proprietary coating that makes them very resistant to scratches, dirt and impacts.

It is not clear if the Tj Cruiser will go into a full production schedule or if it will become available at American dealers like White River Toyota. We will continue to update you if more information becomes available. If you’d like to see what the dealership currently offers for vehicle solutions, stop by the showroom, give us call or browse our website.