Toyota Camry dashboard with touchscreen featuring Toyota Entune 3.0. What is Toyota Entune 3.0?

New Toyota telematics system adds on-the-fly updates

What is Toyota Entune 3.0?

The leadership and innovation Toyota shows in the automotive industry is pretty clear in just about every facet. This is particularly true when it comes to developing new technology. The automaker has upgraded the infotainment system available on many of its vehicles, Entune 3.0 and it’s currently available on the completely redesigned 2018 Toyota Camry. Toyota owners know that the Entune suite is more than just a fancy radio in the dashboard. It provides functions for navigation, media streaming and so much more. One of the most important features added to Entune 3.0 is that it can automatically update its embedded maps for more precise navigation.

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Furthermore, Toyota has made the voice recognition software more robust, reducing the instances of the system getting commands wrong as well as increasing the overall accuracy of voice-initiated requests. Finally, Toyota has developed a smartphone app that lets owners control the door locks, start or shut down the engine as well as monitor another driver’s behavior.

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