Toyota Hybrid Badge in Sliver on Silver Vehicle

Which Models Use Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive and How Does it Work?

What is Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive?

Ever wondered what that little silver badge means on the back of your Toyota hybrid? It’s that one that’s found on the rear end of Toyota’s hybrid cars. Turns out, that little “Hybrid Synergy Drive” badge signifies your Toyota comes with some pretty huge technology. But just what is Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive?

The Technology

The key to this technology rests on something called the Power Split Device. This is a series of gears that work together to divide (hence the “Split”) the power that the gasoline engine produces between the generator and the drivetrain. Essentially, it connects the gasoline engine with the electric motor and the generator. The Hybrid Synergy Drive system takes advantage of the strongest characteristics of the gas engine and the electric motor, combining them into one efficient drive system.

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Toyota Hybrid Models that Use Hybrid Synergy Drive

Bet you never knew your Toyota hybrid was so advanced. Here at White River Toyota, we know our hybrids offer unbeatable technology. Here’s a few of our favorite Toyota Hybrid models.

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Toyota is constantly developing to meet consumer demands and working to create better technology for our environmentally-friendly vehicles. With just the Prius family alone, an estimated 11,794,335 tons of CO2 emissions were kept from release into the atmosphere. Now that you’ve discovered what Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive is, go on and test drive the technology. Come see us at White River Toyota and check out our inventory!