Make a day of picking your own apples and pumpkins this fall

Where can I pick apples and pumpkins Randolph, VT

If there is a better place to experience the beauty and bounty of autumn than our little corner of Vermont, we haven’t found it. With summer in the rear-view mirror, the leaves will start changing color soon and that means it’s time to start harvesting apples and pumpkins as well as taking home some maple syrup that was cooked and bottled earlier this year. Our area and the state of Vermont as a whole is well-known throughout the country as a great place for farming and is a leader in promoting farm-to-table produce. If getting the family together to go out and pick your own fruits and vegetables, White River Toyota has a few suggestions.

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Apple orchards and pumpkin patches

Lincoln Farm
4884 East Bethel Road
Randolph Center, VT
Produce: Raspberries, Pumpkins

Liberty Orchards
2409 West Street
Brookfield, VT
Produce: Apples

Vermont Tech Orchard
South Randolph Road
Randolph Center, VT
Produce: Apples

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How do I prepare to go picking?

Going out and picking your own apples and pumpkins is a great way to spend a day with loved ones. There are a few tips we think first-time pickers should have to make sure they have fun.

Dress for the weather — Fall can be a chilly time of year in Vermont. However, getting out into the field and moving around will warm you up. Be sure to dress in layers so you can stay comfortable. We also recommend wearing a good pair of waterproof boots and bringing a pair of gloves.

Pick the best apples — Nature does a good job of letting people know when apples are ready to be picked. The first sign is that they have already fallen off the tree. Those that are still on the branch can be easily removed when they’re ready. If it doesn’t want to be pulled off the tree, the apple isn’t ripe yet.

Work from the outside — The apples on the outside of the tree will be ready to go first. Start there and work to the inside as the season progresses.

Where can I buy real Vermont maple syrup?

Silloway Maple
1303 Boudro Road
Randolph Center, VT
Products: Maple Syrup, Maple Cream, Maple Candy

Wood’s Vermont Syrup Company
780 Hebard Hill Road
Randolph, VT
Products: Specialty and Traditional maple syrup, spices

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