Hartford Area Career & Technology Center

Hartford Area Career & Technology Center

Hartford Area Career & Technology Center (HACTC) recognizes that education is a life-long experience. The Center creates a nurturing environment in which applied contextual learning occurs. HACTC promotes the development of career skills to prepare students for success in our increasingly demanding information-based society. HACTC brings hands on learning for students in the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire. They serve Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors attending Hartford, Hanover, Lebanon, Mascoma, Windsor and Woodstock high schools, along with Thetford Academy, Sharon Academy and home-study students.

When we first partnered with the Hartford Area Career & Technology Center, we knew we would be thrilled with the quality of candidates coming through the program who were work-ready. What we didn’t know was all of the amazing stories we were about to learn. From the mission statement that fills the halls and hearts of every student, to the stories of personal perseverance and leadership, “Driving Success” is a year-long series, documenting the different stories of HACTC, and in another sense, our greater community. “Driving Success: Mission Statement” is the first in our series, describing the culture of the Center. And at White River Toyota, where “It’s All About People”, we couldn’t be more proud of this younger generation, committed to creating a culture of care.

White River Toyota is so proud to support the essential and necessary work of Hartford Area Career & Technology Center. Check out the videos below to see more!

Part 5: The Student Experience

Part 4: Student Leadership

Part 3: Hands-On Learning

Part 2: Self Discovery

Part 1: Mission Statement

It's all about people