| How to Pay for your Toyota

Buying a car is a big step, paying for it shouldn't have to be.

Here are your options:


Leasing your vehicle is a worry-free way to to get where you need to go. When you lease, you only pay for the amount of the vehicle that you use, and a typical lease agreement is 24 or 36 months. And with ToyotaCare, for the first 24 months or 25,000 miles, your car or truck is covered by the no cost maintenance plan. If you're going with a 36 month lease, our finance department offers additional products to extend the ToyotaCare program through the end of your lease - making sure White River Toyota and Toyota Motor Company have you covered. Each new Toyota vehicle, and most Toyota Certified Used Vehicles at White River Toyota are eligible to lease, and our leases are built with $0 down. We also offer special leases on new Toyotas exclusively for members of our armed services, and for recent college graduates.

Leasing a Used Toyota

Leasing a Toyota Certified Used Vehicle is often an overlooked option - less expensive and just as reliable, you receive all of the perks of a new vehicle lease at a much more attractive price point. With a lease, you only pay for what you use, and in turn you avoid the headaches of owning an aging car. When your lease is done, you can either turn the car in and walk away, lease or purchase a new vehicle, or you can purchase the leased vehicle. 

Toyota Financial Services

Leasing a New Toyota

Leasing a new Toyota vehicle gets you into the most comfortable, reliable vehicle possible for a great price. With new leases, you benefit from the newest, nicest features of new Toyota vehicles, all while only paying for the portion of the car that you use. With a shorter time commitment than purchasing, leasing a new Toyota is a great option, and you can take advantage of the safety and technology enhancements that debut every few years. By leasing, you avoid headaches of long-term vehicle ownership and potential costly repairs.


When purchasing a vehicle, most people tend of think of financing as the classic option where the customer takes out an auto loan from a local bank or credit union and uses that money to finance the purchase of their new vehicle. The benefit of financing is that after the set term of the loan, the vehicle belongs to the customer and doesn't need to be turned in to the dealership like a lease. Financing also allows the customer to build equity in their Toyota and often, customers can trade-in their vehicle for a new vehicle with a lower payment before the end of the financing term. Additionally, White River Toyota only uses Toyota Financal Services and only using one bank allows us to help customers who may have had a credit 'blip' in their past and give all of our customers the most competitive financing rates available.

Financing a Used Vehicle

Purchasing a used vehicle from White River Toyota is a great option for someone looking to own their vehicle at the end of the financing term, but is still looking for a lower payment than purchasing a new Toyota. Toyota Certified Used Vehicles come with a comprehensive warranty, limited powertrain warranty, and include a year of roadside assistance - you can read the full details here. Also, when you purchase a TCUV at White River Toyota, you receive Toyota Auto Care Classic which features complimentary regular maintenance for 1 year or 15,000 miles - whichever comes first. Our finance department will walk you through all additional optional products offered for your used vehicle purchase. Click here to see our used vehicle specials. 


Financing a New Toyota

Financing a new Toyota gets you the newest looks, the best features, and premium support from Toyota Motor Company, all for a set monthly payment and set term. When you finance a new vehicle, you are on your way to long term vehicle ownership and a potential equity-building situation. Toyota Motor Company manufacturers some of the most reliable vehicles on the planet, and it is not uncommon for a Toyota to reach 300,000+ miles within its lifetime with no major repairs. When you finance and purchase a Toyota outright, you are making an investment that can last a lifetime. Click here to see White River Toyota's new car specials. 



Why Finance with Toyota?

It's easy!

By financing with Toyota Financial Services, you will have the advantage of applying for your loan at our dealership, rather than having to navigate traffic and spend the time at a credit union or other financial institution filling out the necessary forms and returning to the dealership.

Increased lending capacity

By financing your loan through Toyota Financial Services, your lending capacity, or the total amount of money you are eligible to be loaned will generally be much higher. Borrowing the cost of your vehicle through TFS allows you a wide range of options for repaying the loan that your local financial institutions may not be able to match.

Fixed loan repayment terms

A loan financed through Toyota Financial Services will be locked into the agreed upon term of repayment. Unlike some other lending institutions, the term of a TFS loan may only change if both the customer and TFS agree to do so.