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Cruising the Lot Process

White River Toyota

Step 1

That’s a fact. One of the most dangerous distractions in your vehicle is your hand held device. Its sounds, notifications, and connection to your social life dangerously beckon your attention. In reality there is no safe way to use your device while your car is in gear, even with handsfree Bluetooth systems. At White River Toyota we can think of 1000 situations where you wouldn’t text on your phone, so why would you while you're driving?

Step 2

We love the Upper Valley - it's our community - and we sell Toyotas because we believe that our community deserves to drive reliable, quality vehicles. When a driver pulls out his or her phone behind the wheel, they are not only putting themselves at risk, but also putting those around them at risk. Continue reading to learn more about the risks associated with distracted driving, and what Toyota is doing to eliminate hand held device related distractions.