JDRF and The Face of T1D

White River Toyota & JDRF

On November 12th, 2016, White River Toyota hosted a fundraising benefit for JDRF, the organization leading the charge against Type 1 Diabetes, also known as T1D. Type 1 Diabetes affects over 1.25 million Americans, with 40,000 new diagnoses every year in the US alone. Type 1 Diabetes is not cured with diet and exercise—in fact there is no cure. Children and adults who live with Type 1 Diabetes need to constantly monitor their sugar and insulin levels, which can be time consuming, exhausting, and expensive.

White River Toyota's fundraising efforts went further than simply hosting an event as the dealership pledged to donate $5 per vehicle sold in the month of November 2016 straight to the JDRF, and a local charity - At Bat 4 Windsor's Kids, pledged to donate another $2 per vehicle sold. In November 2016, White River Toyota sold 171 vehicles totaling an $1,197 donation from the dealership and At Bat 4 Windsor's Kids. Combine that with the $2,600+ raised at the event and the match from Toyota Motor Company, the total donation from White River Toyota to JDRF for November 2016 is $6,715. Thank you to our customers and our employees for your support and fundraising efforts. 

The Face Of T1D Movie

After hosting the first Saturday Night Out with White River Toyota in 2015, we decided to commission a documentary focused on telling the stories of Type 1 Diabetes. Our documentary, “Diabetes: The Face of T1D” illustrates the daily life of Vermont families—our friends and neighbors—who live with Type 1 Diabetes every day and was debuted at this year's event.

From the mothers, daughters, fathers, sons and many others involved in the T1D support network, these are the faces brave enough to describe their journey and the many ways they continue to fight for a cure.