Spring Into Spring

For a limited time you can show your car that Spring has sprung!

Now Through March 31, receive an oil change, air conditioning system inspection, tire change and alignment, and a multi-point inspection for only $99.95!

Three Ways to Schedule Your Spring into Spring Service:
Call: Call our service scheduling team at (866) 537-5351
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Schedule Online: Click here to schedule an appointment through our convenient online service scheduler

Oil Change
Maintaining a vehicles lifeblood properly increases the vehicles lifespan and decreases overall maintenance costs. Having proper oil levels and an effective oil filter is paramount for lubricating important metal components in your car. Driving with low oil levels, or old oil in your vehicle could increases the risk of catastrophic failures. Every car has an ideal window for changing the oil and White River Toyota technicians will help you determine when that window is and get your cars lifeblood flowing smoothly.

AC Recharge
When was the last time you used your cars air conditioning? We all know how often extreme temperature changes occur in New England. These extreme conditions increase the amount of stress on a vehicles systems - AC included. Even if you’re not ready for the warm weather we’ll make sure your cars air conditioning is by checking the compressor, the refrigerant and inspecting the whole system for leaks and cracks. That way, no matter the temperature, your car will be ready. 

Tire Change and Alignment
The time to take off your snow tires of is here! Maintaining tires properly is a simple and effective way to make your vehicle run more efficiently. The White River Toyota service department will help keep your tires spinning smoothly this Spring by checking tire pressure, inspecting tread depth, and rotating and aligning your wheels to ensure they wear properly. Having properly aligned tires with enough tread depth decreases stopping distance and increases MPGs.

Multi-Point Inspection
Potholes, frost heaves, salt brine, extreme cold, and ice buildup are just a few things our vehicles endure. This white winter was especially harsh in all of those categories; vehicles feel it in their batteries, brakes, struts, undercarriage, exhaust and elsewhere. Our multi point inspection is a great way to show your vehicle some love, and keep it in optimal operating condition! When you answer the beckonings of Quechee Gorge, Lake Champlain, The Long Trail or your favorite secret spot your car needs to be ready to roll. Wherever you may want to go, we’ll make sure your car is ready to take you there!