| Finance products available at White River Toyota

2016 Toyota RAV4

When you purchase or lease a vehicle from White River Toyota, you'll be offered the best protection through finance products from White River Toyota, Toyota Motor Company, and Toyota Financial Services. These products, or plans protect your vehicle from exterior damage, interior damage, total loss, and more! They also provide different types of service plans all with the goal of protecting your investment. Often times dealerships do not advertise their finance products, but at White River Toyota we take pride in our customer service, and part of that means providing you with all of the information you need to make an informed decision. Below you'll see our different maintenance, service, and protection finance products. Click on the name of the plan to watch and read more about them. Be sure to ask your sales associate about finance products from Toyota Financial Services!

| Tire & Wheel Protection

Tire and Wheel Protection from Toyota Motor Company covers damage to your tires or wheels from: nails, glass, potholes, rocks, treelimbs, or other qualifying conditions not normally found in the roadway. In the event of damage, Toyota will replace the damaged tire or wheel with a brand new tire or wheel. This protection also covers a tow up to $100 to your nearest Toyota dealer. There is no limit to the amount of claims allowed with Tire and Wheel Protection, and the coverage can also include windshield and some body protection. 

| Vehicle Service Agreement

With the Vehicle Service Agreement backed by the power of Toyota Financial Services, your vehicle's parts are covered. This fliexible multi-tiered plan provides different levels of protection for many major parts as well as roadside assistance, and reimbursement for a rental vehicle in the event that your vehicle must remain in the shop for an extended period of time. If you experience car troubles while traveling the service agreement will reimburse you for lodging and meals as well.

| Excess Wear and Use

The Excess Wear and Use protection plan is a product for those customers looking to lease a new Toyota vehicle from White River Toyota. The Excess Wear and Use product protects the consumer from paying out of pocket for qualifying incidents when turning in the vehicle at the end of the lease term. With this protection plan, your vehicle's paint, body, glass, lights, tires, wheels, seats, trim, equipment, parts, and accessories are covered. Each repair valued up to $1,000 is covered, and each missing part valued up to $200 is covered, totalling coverage up to $5,000.

| G.A.P Insurance

GAP Insurance, or Guaranteed Auto Protection Insurance, protects you from out of pocket expenses related to a total loss of your vehicle. If your vehicle is declared totalled, and you still owe more on your loan than what the insurance company determines the totalled car is worth, GAP insurance can lessen or even eliminate the remaining balance. GAP also covers loss due to other incidents such a fire or theft.

| ToyotaCare Plus

ToyotaCare Plus is an extended maintenance program available through Toyota Motor Company. It's adaptable to your needs, and no matter which plan you decide, it will provide you with the ultimate peace of mind that you are covered anywhere you go. ToyotaCare Plus covers major 30,000, 45,000, 60,000, and 75,000 mile services, and 24-hour roadside assistance throughout the term of your plan. With ToyotaCare Plus, you can rest assured knowing that your factory-recommended maintenance is covered - including both major and minor services.

| Environmental Protection Plan


The Enivonmental Protection Plan is offered through White River Toyota and is designed to protect your new or used vehicle from harsh environments - especially from the salt and brine used on New England roads in winter. The EPP is a 3 step process that begins with a teflon-based clear coat that seals the exterior of the vehicle. The second step involves protecting the interior of the vehicle with an Auto Armor treatment that protects the fabric from staining, absorption, and fading. The third step of the EPP is an undercoating applied to the vehicle's undercarriage, wheel wells, engine compartment, and trunk area and protects the vehicle from degredation caused by salt and brine used in winter road conditions.