Buying a car is a big decision, paying for it is an even bigger decision. We want to help you make an informed decision.

Here are your purchasing options

Leasing your vehicle is a worry free way to get where you need to go. When you lease you only pay for the amount of the vehicle that you use. A typical lease agreement is 24 or 36 months, and since the vehicle is owned by Toyota Motor Company they take care of routine maintainance for you, all you have to do is drop it off. You can even sign up for a lease with no money down. We also have special leases just for members of our armed services, and for recent college graduates.

Used vehicle leasing is an often overlooked option. Less expensive, and just as reliable, you get all of the perks of a new vehicle lease at a more attractive price point. You pay for what you use, and in turn you avoid the headaches of owning an aging car. When your lease is done if you want to buy you can, or you can sign up for another lease. We even have $0 down Toyota Certified Used Leases!

New leases get you into the most comfortable, reliable vehicle possible. You get the newest, nicest features, and remember you only pay for what you use. Vehicles, in comparison to houses have very short life spans. So while purchasing a house is a worth while long term investment purchasing a car can be stressful and costly. By leasing you avoid all the headaches of vehicle ownership. If you think a new lease is for you check out our $0 down new lease specials.

Financing a car is the ultimate in freedom. You have no contract to hold you back, just you, your vehicle and the open road. You can do what you want with your vehicle because it is yours. You can even finance your new car with no money down.

Used vehicles are less expensive, reliable, and can still be purchased with a warranty. Toyota Certified Used Vehicles (TCUV) come with similar support to their new counterparts. The used vehicle certification covers repairs, provides roadside assistance, and more. Click here see some of our used car specials.

New the newest looks, the best features, and premium support from Toyota Motor Company. When you finance a new vehicle you are on your way to long term vehicle ownership. Financing a new vehicle often times yields similar monthly payments to those of a used vehicle. Check out some of our new vehicle specials.

Why finance with Toyota?

1. Ease of Shopping: By financing with Toyota Financial Services, you will have the advantage of applying for your loan at our dealership, rather than having to navigate traffic and spend the time at a credit union or other financial institution filling out the necessary forms and returning to the dealership.

2. Increased lending capacity: By financing your loan through Toyota Financial Services, your lending capacity, or the total amount of money you are eligible to be loaned will generally be much higher. Borrowing the cost of your vehicle through TFS allows you a wide range of options for repaying the loan that your local financial institutions may not be able to match.

3. Fixed loan repayment terms: A loan financed through Toyota Financial Services will be locked into the agreed upon term of repayment. Unlike some other lending institutions, the term of a TFS loan may only change if both the customer and TFS agree to do so.

4. Overall savings: The single greatest advantage of financing your loan through TFS is the overall financial savings that are available to you. The subvented rates are normally well below the standard rates being offered by even the most competitive local and national lenders. With financing fees in upwards of $10,000 on some contracts, every point counts. If you have any questions about financing through Toyota Financial Services, please feel free to contact one of our financial officers. If you wish to apply for financing, click here to submit an online credit application.



Please speak with our trade advisor for more information.